First month’s rent +VAT (120% of one months rent inclusive of VAT) charged for:

    1. 1. Advertising of property on two of the UK’s leading property portals, namely and
    1. 2. Advertising of property in the local press.
    1. 3. Advertising of property on
    1. 4. Pre-qualification of tenants, including affordability.
    1. 5. Collection and verification of references from tenants.
    1. 6. Drawing up of comprehensive and up to date Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 compliant occupation contract.
    1. 7. Completing and signing of document.
    1. 8. Placement of tenant’s deposit in government approved scheme.

Monthly management fee: 12% inclusive of VAT of monthly rental income:

    1. 1. Month one property inspection – to make sure tenancy is being conducted in the correct manner for both parties.
    1. 2. Three monthly inspections – to make sure tenancy is being conducted in correct manner for both parties.
    1. 3. Collection and deposit of rental income.
    1. 4. Dealing with any maintenance queries.
    1. 5. Obtaining quotations for any maintenance requirements.
    1. 6. We also have a panel of emergency maintenance engineers to allow quick rectification of any emergency maintenance requirements.
    1. 7. No service fee is added to any maintenance contract or invoice
As part of our commitment to ensuring you get the best possible quality tenant, we now offer full external referencing on all tenants - free of charge to all landlords.

Philip Ling Estates are part a redress scheme operated by The Property Ombudsman.

All Client Money is held within a ringfenced clients account and is protected in a scheme operated by Propertymark.